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A form to help you ask an Illinois court to enforce or modify a divorce or custody judgment from another state,
A program to help you prepare documents to get a divorce when no children were born or adopted during the marriage.
A program to help you create an plan to split parental responsibility and parenting time.
A program to help you request an interpreter to help you or someone else understand what is being said in court.

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To expunge or seal your criminal record, you need to know about your arrests, charges, and convictions. This information is usually contained in your RAP sheet. Do

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ILAO is celebrating National Reentry Week by sharing its free expungement resources with you! Do you have a juvenile arrest record? Use our "Expunging a Juvenile

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It's National Reentry Week! Are you interested in expunging your criminal record but don't know where to start? Check out our "Expunging Your Criminal Record"

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Published on May 11,2016
Published on May 11,2016